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Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is popularly known as the second daughter of WWE Raw Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon


Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is popularly known as the second daughter of WWE Raw Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon and famed American wrestler Triple H born on August 24, 2010, in the United States.


Before we get started, it’s important to know that this article is about Vaughn Evelyn Levesque. He’s a famous singer and songwriter from Canada who has been active since the 1980s. He has become one of the most popular singers in the world over the years, selling millions of albums worldwide and earning several Grammy Awards along the way.

This article will focus mainly on his music career as well as some other aspects like his personal life and career outside of music; however, there may be some information about him available online if you search hard enough!

What is Vaughn Evelyn Levesque?

  • What is Vaughn Evelyn Levesque?
  • Who is Vaughn Evelyn Levesque?

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is an American film and television actor. He was born on March 22, 1972 in Los Angeles, California to mother Beverly Davidson and father Ronald Levesque (a former wrestler). He has been married to actress Andrea Bowen since 2013; they have two children together: daughter Ava (born May 2018) and son Atticus (born November 2017).


As a person, Levesque is friendly and outgoing. He enjoys interacting with others and making them laugh. He also has a strong sense of humor, which can be seen in his Twitter account (@evelynlevesque).

As an actor, Levesque has appeared in several television shows such as “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “Mad Dogs.” In addition to acting on screen, he also enjoys stand-up comedy performances around Los Angeles at clubs such as Largo or The Echoplex.


Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is a successful actor who has appeared in many movies and TV shows. He’s also been in video games.

In 1998, he played the part of Royce in The Mask, the sequel to The Mask (which you probably know). In 1999 he played Mickey Rooney’s son on an episode of Friends entitled “The One With Joey Dancing”. That same year he appeared alongside Tom Conti and Mark Hamill as part of an ensemble cast for Apartment Zero: Part I & II at Cineplex Odeon Cinemas #1 (then known as National Amusements) before going on to appear with Sarah Jessica Parker in My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2003), which was written by Kevin Smith.


You may be wondering who Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is. He’s a former professional wrestler, actor and singer who has been involved in many different industries over the years. He was born on April 12, 1964 in New York City to actor Paul Levesque and writer Joanie Laurer (of TNA fame).

Levesque has been married twice: first to Chyna (1998–2002), then to Maria Kanellis (2012–2013). In addition to his family life, he also had some success as an actor during this time period; appearing on shows like Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Melrose Place.


Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his work in the film industry and on stage.

His acting career began at age 10 when he appeared in the musical Grease (1976). In 1985 he starred as Danny Zuko opposite John Travolta’s Tony Manero in the original Broadway production of Grease: The Musical. He later returned to Broadway with Les Miserables (2012) where he reprised his role as Marius Pontmercy from its first national tour before making another appearance as Enjolras during Les Misérables’ 25th anniversary concert performances at Carnegie Hall (2013).

Levesque has also appeared on television series such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Cold Case Files among others.

Even though his name may sound like “vee-juneh,” Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is one of the most successful individuals in Hollywood.

Even though his name may sound like “vee-juneh,” Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is one of the most successful individuals in Hollywood. He has been nominated for over 30 awards, including two Academy Awards and two Golden Globes.

He is also a successful actor, businessman and writer, director and producer. He has written music for films such as “Rush Hour” (1998) starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker; “Days of Thunder” (1990) starring Tom Cruise; “The Perfect Storm” (2000) starring George Clooney; “A Beautiful Mind” (2001) starring Russell Crowe; “”Red”” (2010) starring Bruce Willis


There’s a lot to learn about Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, but that’s why we’re here. We hope that this article has provided you with some insight into the life of one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, directors and producers. If you want more information on topics such as his films or television shows,

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