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The Truth About Living in Everett, WA: Pros and Cons

You will be moving at one time or another, and I mean moving from one state to another. It is not a pleasant experience, and it will consume your time.

As people adapt and respond to changing economic, personal, and social circumstances, the need to relocate becomes an ever-present possibility. As such, consider the pros and cons of moving to a new location.

If you are considering moving to Everett WA, you need to learn about the pros and cons of living there.

While a new home and lifestyle will undoubtedly improve your current life, as with most things, you will have both positive and negative points to consider.

The Pros of Living in Everett WA

The Pros of Living in Everett, WA, are vast and numerous. Located between the famous cities of Seattle and Bellevue, this vibrant waterfront community offers wealth. Here are some pros;

Outdoor Recreational Activities

Living in Everett, WA offers many opportunities for outdoor recreational activities. On the pros side, there are plenty of activities to choose from in Everett. You can enjoy hiking and camping in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, kayaking or canoeing on Puget Sound, or fishing in the Snohomish River.

Beautiful Waterfront Parks

Everett, Washington, is a beautiful city with lots of access to waterfront parks. The views from these parks are some of the best in the state and make for a great place to relax and catch a breath of fresh air. The waterfront parks provide beautiful spots for walking and picnicking, while the downtown area offers plenty of shopping opportunities.

Numerous Educational Opportunities

An area school district offers an excellent education, with many options available, including honors and advanced placement classes, after-school programs, and career guidance. Many students attending these institutes experience a quality education with accessible professors and staff.

An array of Cultural Attraction

On the plus side, Everett is the county seat of Snohomish County, which means plenty of amenities within a short drive. Everett has everything from great shopping and dining to various cultural attractions.

Diverse Range of Social Events

Everett, WA, is an excellent place to live and an ideal place to raise a family because of the city’s diverse social events. It has a vibrant downtown area filled with cafes, restaurants, and small businesses, which provide residents with plenty of opportunities to get out and explore.

The Cons of Living in Everett WA

The cons of living in Everett, WA, read like a laundry list of problems and drawbacks. Over here are some cons of living in Everett, WA;


The major con of living in Everett is overcrowding. It has led to more traffic congestion, higher prices for housing, and longer wait times for essential services. For those looking for a small-town community vibe, Everett may be too overrun for their liking.

High Levels of Traffic Congestion

One of the cons is Everett’s insanely high levels of traffic congestion. The area is a hub for commuters from Seattle, Snohomish, and other parts of the county, making it congested almost all the time. There is also the constant construction of buildings in downtown Everett and roads in the area, making traffic even worse.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution in Everett is an issue for many residents, especially those close to the airport. The constant noise from aircraft, traffic, and construction projects can sometimes be disruptive and unpleasant.

To mitigate this problem, many homeowners install soundproof windows, doors, and insulation to reduce noise. Additionally, the city of Everett has recently enacted some zoning laws to help reduce noise levels.

Climate of Everett

Everett, Washington, is located in a maritime climate zone, often characterized by gentle winds and coastal clouds from the Pacific ocean. Winters in Everett tend to be mild, with average temperatures.

Additionally, the precipitation rate is high, particularly during the winter months. Everett is well known for its sunny days throughout the year, offering more than one hundred thirty days of sunshine. Summers can be hot and humid because Everett is situated fifty-four feet above sea level.

Everett Cost of Living

One of the pros of living in Everett is housing. It is far cheaper than more urban, larger cities, allowing you to find great value for money when buying a house or apartment.

The area also offers good job opportunities and great outdoor activities, such as skiing and kayaking. The public education system is also perfect, providing kids with a decent quality education.

On the downside, while the Everett weather in the area is mostly fine, there can be some heavy rains and winds during the winter. Additionally, Everett can be a bit isolated, and there are limited activities compared to bigger cities, although there are still some exciting options. However, Everett is excellent value for money and a great place to live.

Job Opportunities

Living in Everett, WA has its ups and downs, but the positive aspects of the city outweigh its negatives. One of the main pros of living in Everett is the job opportunities. Everett is home to the Boeing plant and many other businesses and industries that offer a wide range of employment opportunities.

There are also plenty of small businesses and niche industries in the area that is great for finding a job or launching your own small business. Additionally, there is easy access to Seattle for additional job prospects.

However, Everett living conditions also come with some drawbacks. The city is quite expensive, and the traffic can be a nightmare during rush hour. Nevertheless, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to find the right job opportunities, living in Everett can be a great experience.

Decide to Live in Everett WA Now

Everett, WA, is a great place to live. However, the pros and cons should be carefully considered. Make sure you do your research, understand the good and evil, and feel comfortable with the decision before diving in.

Everett WA provides residents with an excellent quality of life, so why not take the leap and make the city your home?

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