shiny grimer is a poisonous Pokemon


The shiny grimer is a poisonous Pokemon. It has the same appearance and characteristics as the normal grimer but has a shiny coloration and pattern. It evolves into shellder when traded with a pokemon who knows surf, however it can also be evolved into aqua colorado if traded from another game version where this ability isn’t available. The shiny shellder is not as rare as you might think because there are plenty of copies available on the market today which makes them even more attractive to collectors!

Shiny grimer is a poisonous Pokemon

Shiny grimer is a poison type Pokemon. It’s also a ground type and poison type.

The shiny version of this Pokemon is known as “Shiny Grimer”, but you can call it whatever you like!

Grimer is a small, slimy creature with two eyes on the top of its head. It has no arms or legs, but it can move fast enough to catch prey. The Pokemon’s body is made up of a toxic sludge, which gives it an offensive stink that makes those around it ill. It can also use this ability to poison its enemies by spitting at them!

It’s evolution is shellder.

Shiny shellder is the evolution of shiny grimer, and it’s a water type. It has a high attack stat and low defense stat. It’s weak against grass and flying, but resistant to ground and psychic attacks. Shellder also has an excellent special attack stat: its moves are Aqua Ring, Sludge Bomb, Acid Armor (which prevents status conditions), Rock Blast (which inflicts major damage), Mud Shot (which inflicts minor damage)

It evolves into team aqua colorado when traded.

You can trade your shiny grimer by going to a Pokémon Center and talking to the attendant there. If you want to evolve it, you’ll have to go through the same process as usual: trade a shellder and krabby for an eevee in order to evolve it into team aqua colorado. You’ll be able to do this at any time—even after evolving your shiny grimer into team aqua colorado!

The shiny grimer and the shiny shellder are quite rare.

The shiny grimer and the shiny shellder are quite rare.

The shiny shellder is more common than the shiny grimer in the wild, but it’s still not a common Pokémon at all. The two species can be found together in some areas, but they’re never exactly as plentiful as you might expect them to be—and even then they’re just rare enough that you’d need to know what you’re doing if you wanted one!

They both look very similar to each other.

You may have noticed that both of these Pokémon look very similar. They are both blue, have yellow eyes and a shell on their back. The only difference between them is that Grimer has a long tail while Shuckle has short spikes. Both are also water type Pokémon—Grimer can be found in the Underground Waterway and Shuckle can be found in Shimmering Falls (both areas only accessible after beating the main storyline).

Shiny shellder is weak against poison, grass and flying but is resistant to ground and psychic attacks.

Shiny shellder

Shiny shellder is weak against poison, grass and flying but is resistant to ground and psychic attacks.

Shiny grimer may look cute but it can be deadly if you don’t know how to play with it.

Shiny grimer is a poison type Pokémon that evolves into team aqua colorado when traded. It is one of the rarest Pokémon in the game, with only about 300 being caught at once.

It looks similar to shiny shellder but with white patches on its body and a different shape (shiny grimer has no spikes). Both have an orange body, red eyes, three toes on each foot and two tentacles coming out from under their heads; however, they differ in their coloring: shiny shellder’s head is mostly blue while shiny grimer’s head has patches of black across it.

When shiny grimer evolves into team aqua colorado, it becomes one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. This can be attributed to the fact that they have an astounding attack stat of 255. If you’re lucky enough to find one, make sure you use it in battle!


Shiny grimer is a poisonous Pokemon that looks like an adorable yellow snail. It evolves from shellder and it is usually found in Cerulean Cave in Kanto region. The shiny shellder look similar to each other but the shiny grimer has larger body and shorter legs compared to its normal counterpart. Shiny shellder can be found at lower levels than normal ones but they are very rare because they only appear once every few years or so depending on their location within the cave system.

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