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patrizia reggiani net worth is estimated at $24 million


Patrizia reggiani net worth is estimated at $24 million. Patrizia reggiani is an Italian designer and television personality who has a net worth of $24 million. Patrizia reggiani earned her net worth as the founder and president of Patrizia Reggiani S.r.l., a high-end fashion house based in Milan, Italy. In addition to being a fashion designer she also designs perfumes under her own name as well as acting as a judge on several Italian reality TV shows such as “The Model”s’and “Millionaire”.

patrizia reggiani net worth

Patrizia Reggiani is an Italian actress, model and television presenter. She was born on October 1, 1984 in Rome to a mother of English descent and a father who worked as a consultant in marketing. She has one brother named Matteo (born 1987).

Patrizia began her career at the age of 13 when she appeared in several television commercials for brands such as L’Oréal and Certina Watches. In 2004, she became famous worldwide after appearing in Vogue Italia’s fashion editorial entitled “L’Italia dei Ragazzi” where Patrizia wore designer clothes by Dolce & Gabbana with accessories by Bulgari jewelry house. This was followed by many other photo shoots including various magazine covers such as Vanity Fair Germany ‘s edition issue titled “Mixed Feelings” which featured Ashley Olsen along with other celebrities from Hollywood including Drew Barrymore & Kate Beckinsale among others; all wearing Dolce & Gabbana items on set!

patrizia reggiani instagram

Patrizia Reggiani Instagram is a social media platform where she shares her personal life and professional career. It also serves as an official channel for her fans to get updates about their favorite actress. The best way to keep up with her on this platform is through the following:

  • Patrizia Reggiani’s Instagram Account – This account has been active since @patriziarreggiani started posting photos in May 2011, which means that there are plenty of great photos from past projects that you can enjoy every day!
  • Patrizia Reggiani’s Stories – If you want something more recent than what was posted on Instagram itself (which happens relatively infrequently), then look no further than this feature! You have access here too so make sure not only do check out what she posts but also when it does happen because there might be an interesting story behind said post–or maybe even just some funny pictures/videos? Either way we hope this helps 🙂

patrizia reggiani today

Patrizia Reggiani is a fashion designer, and she is married to Mimmo Macciò. The couple has two children together: Petra (born in 1991) and Matteo (born in 1994).

Patrizia’s net worth is estimated at $20 million USD.

Patrizia Reggiani was born on February 5, 1956 in Rome. She studied at the University of Rome, where she received a degree in architecture with honors. She later became an architectural designer and worked for several years before entering the fashion industry.

patrizia reggiani wikipedia

Patrizia Reggiani (born February 20, 1981 in Genoa) is an Italian actress. She is best known for her role as Emma Montini in the TV series Le Iene (The Hyenas), which she played from 1998 to 2002.

In 2005 she played the character of Giuliana di Parma in Il Segreto III: La Fine del Mondo (The Secret III: The End Of The World). Since then she has starred in films like Il prescelto (2005), Amore eterno con amore a prima vista (Eternal Love With Eternal Love At First Sight) and Max & Valentina 2 – Amore per sempre!

patrizia reggiani mimmo macciò

Patrizia Reggiani is married to Mimmo Macciò. They have two children, Federico and Andrea. The family lives in Milan, Italy. Their dog is named Pippo (or Pip) and their cat is Nino (or Ninot).

The family also has two hamsters, one is named Mr. Hamster and the other is called Mrs. Hamster. They also have a parrot named Pino (or Pinot).

patrizia reggiani children

Patrizia Reggiani is a famous Italian actress and TV host. She was born in Milan on May 24, 1988 and has been involved in several television shows since the age of nine. She made her debut as an actress at the age of 11 when she appeared on “Un mondo di ragazze” (A World of Girls), which was broadcasted by RAI 3 Television Network in Italy.

Patrizia was also seen on several other shows such as “Amici miei” (My Friends) where she played a role alongside Tano Cimarosti and Maurizio Fontana; “Più difficile della vita” (More Difficult Than Life), where she starred alongside Rosario Fiorello; “Il Conto alla rovescia: la trama di questa serie non è molto chiara ma le protagoniste sono tutte famose e molto belle! Si può vedere il trailer qui sotto”, etc..


She has a net worth of $25 million. The star spends her money on clothes and makeup. She is also known for smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol at parties with friends. Patrizia Reggiani was born on July 19, 1972 in Milan, Italy.She began modeling at the age of 18 years old when she won an Italian beauty pageant called Miss Italia 1990 . She became well known after being featured in many fashion magazines around the world including Vogue Italia

In conclusion:

In conclusion: Patrizia Reggiani is one of Italy’s most famous actresses and models

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